Case Study

Imperial Cleaning Company

The Company

Imperial Cleaning Company (ICC) has been in business for 23 years serving high-quality commercial cleaning services nationwide and residential cleaning services to the Long Island area.

Imperial Cleaning Logo

The Challenge

Clean up an underperforming and murky online lead generation platform.



  • An outdated site that did not properly display ICC’s services
  • Lack of online presence from under optimized content


  • Multiple marketing & software vendors that makes reporting lead generation difficult to merge
  • Needed to target the right audience with the right online channel
  • Did not have an active marketing campaign for commercial cleaning, their most profitable service

The Goals


  • Build a website that demonstrates Imperial Cleaning Company as a primary commercial cleaning company with local residential services
  • Drive more traffic to the site and provide more conversion opportunities for leads


  • Obtain qualified leads for both commercial and residential cleaning through an organic and paid marketing plan

The Strategy


  • Through goal-oriented web design, the Fat Guy team was able to build out a site that displays commercial and residential services
  • Service pages and landing pages have clear and accessible forms for a lead to convert
  • Software was added to the website to track demographics, web traffic, user paths and more


  • Using the service pages, Fat Guy built out ad campaigns across multiple channels targeting specific audience types to increase online visibility and lead inquiries
  • Fat Guy created search engine optimized blogs to expand ranking authority

The Results

icc final mockup
0 %
Website Traffic Increase - Year 1
0 %
Commercial & Residential Leads Increase
0 %
Gross Revenue Increase

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