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Is Social Media Marketing Important?

As a Social Media Marketing Company, we want to create compelling content that consumers want to share. It’s the digital word of mouth, which provides a tremendous boost when it comes to strengthening your brand’s recognition.

Think about your own Social Media.  It’s likely that your Facebook newsfeed is flooded with different articles, pictures and videos that your friends have shared. Social Media networks are one of the fastest growing traffic drivers on the Internet because of how quickly links are shared on them. While tailoring your content with target keywords is a great SEO strategy.  There’s no faster way to get people to your site than enticing them with interesting content through Social Media Marketing.

Why is Having Social Media Presence so Important?

Social Media has revolutionized customer service through the ability to engage users in real-time. Giving your company an authentic online persona.  Allows your target audience to build a relationship with your brand.

Being active on Social Media gives you a window into the social chatter that revolves around your brand.  This enables your company to identify brand advocates as well as address any customer concerns that may arise.  As a Social Media Marketing Company, our creative team takes a number of best practices into account.  We do this for every Social Media Marketing campaign.

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Optimizing your Social Media Sites

Like websites and blogs, your Social Media sites should be optimized. Look at your Social Media profiles as mini websites of your company. Proper keywords and hashtags are used to generate more content that will rank high on search engines rank pages (SERP).

Customize Your Social Media

Each social medium platform requires different content to appeal to its social users. You wouldn’t write the same post on LinkedIn as you would for Facebook. It’s important to customize content based on the followers for each platform.

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Reaching Audiences

When interacting on Social Media, don’t sell your company’s products or services. Instead, focus on relating to your target audience. Interactions build trust. Ask your target audience questions and share content with them.

Analyze Engagement

Using various marketing tools, our Social Media Marketing team will analyze post engagement.  As well as interactions with people who went back to your website as well as organic and paid reach. The objective is to create the right content for the right audience at the right time.

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