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Brand Development Tips for Businesses of all Sizes

Nike wasn’t built in a day. It has become one of the world’s most recognizable companies, because of its distinctive brand development. From the iconic “swoosh” logo to the memorable “Just Do It” tagline, Nike’s brand may be its biggest asset. If you are in the process of branding, learn how the pros do it in five simple steps.

What is a Brand?

The “Father of Advertising,” David Ogilvy, defined a brand as “The intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.”

In today’s marketplace, a brand is the known identity of a company, including not only its products or services but also the businesses philosophy and values. In other words, a brand gives the customer a reason to choose that company over any other.

5 Brand Development Tips and Tricks

1)      Research your Target Audience

The first step of just about any marketing campaign is figuring out exactly who it is you are hoping to reach. This exercise will help you to understand your target audience’s specific characteristics and interests.

Your research will help present you with a picture of your ideal customer. Then, you will be able to tailor your branding to better reach and attract them.

2)      Write a Mission Statement

A mission statement is another important part of brand development that is often overlooked. In order to reach your business goals, you will need to have a clear direction.

Your mission statement is a quick summary that defines your company’s purpose for existing. For example, Nike’s mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

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3)      Create a Logo and Tagline

Your brand’s logo gives shape to your company’s image. It is often the first thing that a potential customer notices (and remembers) about your business.

Your logo must be a visually appealing representation of your brand. It will eventually appear on many different types of marketing materials, from your website’s homepage to your company’s stationery.

You will also need a tagline that corresponds to your logo. The best ones, like “Just Do It,” are simple, succinct and easy to remember.

4)      Create a Brand Voice

Another part of brand development you must consider is the voice of your brand. It will determine how your business communicates with the public.

Depending on who you are and what you do, you could choose a brand voice that is anything from professional to technical. Ultimately, your choice should resonate with your target audience.

For example, a construction company would sound funny communicating with customers in a buttoned-up tone. Instead, its audience would probably respond better to a conversational brand voice.

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5)      Be Consistent in your Messaging

After you have completed brand development, the key is to be consistent in all your company’s public communication. From press releases to paid online advertisements, your branding must remain uniform in order to hit the mark. Then, it will be easier for potential customers to remember your brand.

A strong brand is an asset that any company can develop to become more recognizable and profitable. If Nike’s “swoosh” can sell billions of dollars in sneakers every year, just imagine what your company could do?

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