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Steal these Small Business Video Marketing Ideas

Video marketing is no longer just for the big boys. Small businesses everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, because they have found they can leverage video to increase visits, leads and customers. If your company is new or inexperienced with this medium, these five ideas will help get you started.

5 Must-Try Video Marketing Ideas

1)      About Us Video

Today, an “about us” page is a staple of professional web design. However, many businesses miss the opportunity to introduce their company on film.

An “about us” video, which is a short clip that briefly tells the story of your business, can be embedded on your website or used as a part of a social media marketing strategy. With minimal effort, you can broadcast a tailored, personable message that reaches a wide range of potential clients.

As you create your video, stick to the most pertinent points:

  • Introduce your company
  • Explain its mission
  • Feature top executives or employees

These video segments can be very effective, because consumers more easily recall visual messages.

video marketing

2)      Product Demos

If you are going to invest in video marketing, the next step is to showcase your products and services. For example, if your company sells cars, you could post a video of the features of the latest vehicle to arrive in your showroom.

Product demo videos save your business time and money, because they have the potential to reach more people than an in-store demo.

3)      How-to Tutorials

Many businesses today also use video marketing to create content that attracts consumers who may already be interested in their type of products or services. How-to tutorials can increase the public’s understanding about what your company does and why someone might want to become a customer.

For example, an IT company could generate more traffic to its website by posting a video on computer virus protection. Through this type of educational content, your business is able to attract a more targeted audience who is interested in information technology services.

video marketing

4)      Behind-the-Scenes Content

If you are looking to increase online engagement, behind-the-scenes content is the way to go. It’s an effective way to let your target audience learn more about who you are and what you do. Videos that show a lighter side of a business often receive more interaction on Facebook and YouTube.

Ideas for small business behind-the-scenes video:

  • Live customer service
  • Company culture
  • A day in the life of your business

5)      Event Videos

If your business holds or participates in events, posting short videos can be another great way to increase website visits, leads and ultimately customers.

For example, any business can post videos like these:

  • Charity dinners
  • Golf outings
  • Speaking engagements

These types of videos are a great promotional tool, because they can help personalize the owners and employees of a business.

As online video use becomes more and more popular, small businesses everywhere are choosing it as a simple and affordable way to attract new customers. video marketing

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