boosted Facebook posts

How Boosted Facebook Posts can Grow your Brand’s Reach

With the amount of digital publishers on Facebook nowadays, it can be more difficult than usual for your brand’s content to get noticed. A single post just doesn’t have the same effect that it used to, especially if you spend nothing on campaigns and only rely on organic reach. That’s where boosted Facebook posts, one of the platform’s many affordable tools to promote your brand, come in handy.

What are Boosted Facebook Posts?

Facebook boosted posts give digital publishers the ability to promote a post so it appears higher on certain users’ feeds for a given period of time. Typically, they’re used to publicize a new product, service, event or promotion. Once you’ve selected a post that you’d like to boost, you must choose a budget, audience and how long you want it promoted for.

boosted Facebook posts

The Advantages of Boosted Facebook Posts


Digital publishers may have a hard time finding any success on Facebook if their posts aren’t being seen or engaged with. On a daily basis, there is too much content being published across Facebook for any of your organic posts to have the reach or engagement that you’re looking for.

However, since Facebook boosted posts will appear up higher in your audience’s feeds, there will be significantly more eyes on your brand than ever. It’s one of the platform’s few ways that you will receive prime exposure to a wider, more relevant audience.

boosted Facebook posts

Advanced Targeting

Facebook boosted posts allow your brand to reach a more qualified audience with their patented targeting tools. For instance, you may set parameters like location, interests, gender and age for the audience that you’re looking to reach.

Choosing an Audience

You can also choose whether or not to boost to every user on Facebook, or just people who like your Page and their friends. On one hand, if you promote to every user on Facebook, you will broadcast to a much larger audience, so your reach and engagement should at least see a slight uptick.

boosted Facebook posts

On the other hand, even though your posts won’t nearly have as far of a reach, solely boosting to those who have liked your brand may actually be more effective. Since they have already expressed an interest in your brand, they will be much more likely to engage with your content.

As we’ve learned, you can’t just skate by relying solely on organic reach these days. That’s why so many local small businesses are using boosted Facebook posts to get noticed in their communities, as well as by a larger, targeted audience.

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