Facebook Business Page Tips

Effective Facebook Business Page Tips to Reach New Audiences

Despite what some may think, successfully managing a Facebook Business page isn’t as simple as uploading a profile picture and putting a couple posts together. There’s much more that goes into it that that! So, whether you’re setting up a new account or trying to optimize your existing one, these Facebook Business Page tips should help you start off on the right foot.

Professional Facebook Business Page Tips for Optimizing your Posts

Boosting Posts

One way that companies use their Facebook Business page is to reach new and qualified audiences. All you have to do is choose an ad budget and specific details about your target audience and Facebook will take care of the rest.

Facebook Business Page Tips


These boosted posts can promote products, services, industry news, events, exclusive offers, you name it. By selecting filters for your audience like location, age, gender and interests, you can ensure that your posts are only seen by relevant users who fit your typical customer profile.


Boosting is never going to break the bank since you can set maximum and minimum budgets for however long you need. Lastly, it’s a good idea to make your boosted posts timely with tags like “24-hour flash sale” or “free shipping today only” in order to create urgency and drum up sales.

Post Performance

Although many marketers think they have it all figured out, you can actually find some valuable information about your audience and posts by reviewing their analytics and performance.

Facebook Business Page Tips

Review and Refine

Facebook Insights shows you everyone who has interacted with your page, as well as demographic data about their age, location and other details. Not only that, but you’ll see which kinds of posts perform better than others.

Using this information, you can refine your content to appeal to your followers and drive engagement. Besides, there isn’t a better tool to help you understand your audience and the way in which they interact with your brand.

Taking the Next Step

Making sure that your Facebook content is seen and heard across Facebook is all well and good, but you still need your followers to move down your sales funnel by visiting your website. That’s where calls-to-action (CTA) come in handy.

Facebook Business Page Tips


A CTA uses action words to compel your audience to take the next step. For instance, some common phrases include “Sign up,” “Download,” “Watch Video” and “Book Now.”

Each has their own customized landing page where a user is asked to provide information in exchange for exclusive content. Not only are you creating more traffic for your website, but you are gathering important information that will allow you to understand your audience and remarket to them.

If you’re trying to take your platform to the next level, look no further than these proven Facebook Business Page tips!

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