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Helpful Instagram Advertising Tips for Succeeding on Social

Businesses marketing on Instagram isn’t new. After all, the platform boasts over a billion monthly active users. However, by and large, these brands’ experiences are limited to simply engaging with followers and posting images. While these tasks are important, there’s a little more to it than that. Additionally, companies should be utilizing Instagram advertising (along with two million other businesses)—and here’s how.

How to Use Instagram Advertising: A Beginner’s Guide

Hashtag Away

Just like ordinary posts on the platform, hashtags are usually a good call for Instagram advertising. Most of the time, brands use them to boost engagement and increase general awareness. In fact, Instagram posts that include hashtags receive 12.6 percent more engagement on average.

Although you can use up to 30, when deciding on the amount of hashtags, think quality over quantity. Consider the post’s subject matter and intended audience. Furthermore, the hashtags you use should be popular and relevant enough to capture followers’ attention.

Instagram Advertising

Narrow your Audience

Luckily, Instagram advertising has plenty of handy tools for accurately targeting a brand’s intended audience. However, that brand isn’t going anywhere if they don’t even know anything about them. Just like digital marketing as a whole, brands must always have a target audience.

More than demographics and interests, it’s essential to create an entire profile of a target user, from goals to values. That way, brands can use the information to craft their content and ensure its being seen by the right people.

Instagram Advertising

Disguise Ads

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people don’t entirely love social media ads. Therefore, some brands have experimented with trying to make their ads look a little bit less like ads. In reality, people are more likely to engage with posts that seem natural and don’t disrupt the visual flow of their feed.

Sometimes, brands will use people in their photos to provide the most organic experience as possible. Furthermore, to make your ads seem less like ads, craft other posts that use the same theme to create a smoother visual transition.

Instagram Advertising

Spur an Action

Just like a well-optimized web page, your Instagram advertising post should also have a call-to-action button. If you’ve ever seen an Instagram ad, the CTA is on the bottom right of the image.

When used correctly, it will drive clicks, and therefore users, to your website. Not to mention, it can also be used to inspire followers to make a purchase or download an app.

Instagram advertising involves more than liking pictures and posting selfies. At its core, it’s about crafting meaningful content to interest and enthrall your target audience.

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