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Why is Web Design Important?

Your web design is the one corner of the Internet that you have complete control of—it’s the digital face of your company, and you should be taking full advantage of it. When consumers are looking for your brand online, you want the first place they go to be your website. That way you can show them who you are and the quality of the products and services that make you stand out in your industry.

With customized web design platforms, easy-to-navigate menus and crisp imagery, Fat Guy Media brings your users’ web experience to a whole new level. We shine a spotlight on your company’s best features. Having a well thought out website design with relevant and informative content opens your digital doors wide open to your target audience, inviting them to see everything your brand has to offer.

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Do you have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

There are over 1.2 billion people using devices and tablets to access the Internet and 15% of all internet traffic is generated by mobile devices. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly so that you don’t shut out parts of your target market.

Research has found that 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to revisit a website that was difficult to access from their devices, and are even less likely to recommend that site to other users. So, in order to keep up to pace with Internet use on different devices, Fat Guy Media creates responsive websites that are meant for smaller screens.

Responsive web design allows a person on-the-go to check out a menu and order lunch without having to zoom in and out on a mobile device. Or someone can schedule a doctor’s appointment right on their cell phone. Our responsive web design team will work with you to create the most efficient and easily navigable site for your company.

What to Expect from Our Web Design Services

As a Long Island Web Design Company, we understand how to target content. Our creative team at Fat Guy Media works together to build a website that benefits both your company and your audience. The first step is to create a sitemap of what your website will look like. Some companies only need a single-page web design layout while others may need a number of web pages. Fat Guy Media will work every step of the way with you so you are completely aware of the creation of your website. Once planning is done, our team begins production:

Long Island Web Design Company

Design is Key

This dictates how your user will interact with your site. If your site is hard to navigate you can guarantee your user will not be coming back. The colors on your site help relay your brand and keep your users engaged.

Content Development

Once the web design layout and conception is complete, our team begins to create customized informative content for your website. This includes written work for the home page, about us, services and more.

Long Island Web Design Company
Long Island Web Design Company


Before the site goes live we optimize each and every aspect of your website so search engines and searchers will be able to find your website easily. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will give the advantage of your website ranking on search engine rank pages (SERP). Put simply, help boost you to the towards the top of Google. Web design is particularly important because optimizing your website for a geographical area allows for more online recognition.

Web Design and Inbound Marketing

Once your company’s web design is completed, Fat Guy Media can work to create an Inbound Marketing plan that will keep your company’s website relevant on the Internet.