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Instagram Story Ads Catch the Eye of a Coveted Demographic

In order to reach Millennials, businesses need to advertise where young people are spending most of their time. Today, more than half of Instagram’s one billion monthly active users are between the ages of 18 and 34. That’s 500 million Millennials who probably don’t read a newspaper or even have a landline. Instead, this coveted demographic is watching and interacting with Instagram Story Ads in record numbers.

What are Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram Story Ads are a popular and effective advertising feature, which are displayed within the photo-sharing app’s Stories platform. These ads may include photos, video or even sound.

Featured above the News Feed, these types of digital ads pop out into a full screen when clicked on. They often look just like organic posts, but are tagged as “sponsored” content. Story Ads give Instagrammers the option to swipe up to be taken to a landing page on the advertiser’s website.

instagram story ads

Why your Brand should Advertise on Instagram

Instagram estimates that half of its users now interact with its popular Stories feature. In addition to providing quick bursts of entertainment, Instagram Story Ads are a powerful business marketing tactic.

Raise Brand Awareness

Instagram Story Ads work to raise your brand awareness among your target audience. The short advertisements will display your marketing message to its large group of young, active users.

The photo-sharing app’s captive audience can then learn more about your brand, products or services. Or, you could use a Story Ad to announce a sale, special event or other business update.

instagram story ads

More Website Traffic and Leads

Your Story Ads are not just static messages. They are interactive content that can help drive sales.

You can include a link in the message that directs traffic back to your website. All Instagram users have to do to access the link is swipe up on the call-to-action arrow. Then, they will be directed to a landing page of your choice, where you can place a form that collects contact details or other information.

Whether you are talking about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, social media marketing is constantly evolving. Instagram Story Ads is one of the more recent digital marketing options that has proven to work well with Millennials. If your marketing ROI has been stagnant, consider the benefits of this Instagram advertising feature.

You can get started by viewing Instagram’s step-by-step guide to its Story Ads.

instagram story ads

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