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4 Glaring Signs that a Website Redesign is Necessary

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t put much effort into their websites. As a result, many of them are poorly designed and provide a subpar user experience. However, with the right strategy and a proper website redesign, you can revamp your approach to digital marketing. Besides, you will never be able to enhance your online presence without solidifying your website first.

How to Know if you Need a Website Redesign

1.      New Brand, New You

In this day and age, companies are always changing the look and feel of their brand to stay competitive. Therefore, if your business has recently undergone a rebrand, a website redesign would be the next logical step.

After all, the most important part of branding is cohesiveness across all platforms, including your website. If your assets do not align properly, you will dilute your message, confuse readers and miss out on vital brand awareness opportunities.

website redesign

2.      Back to the Future

For starters, if you haven’t changed your website since it first launched, it’s probably outdated. These days, web design trends and innovations are changing rapidly. Although it’s essential to stay current with industry standards, a new website design can do wonders for your brand perception.

If you site is old and unprofessional, in all likelihood, users will feel the same way about your company. So, if your website looks like it was created at the turn of the century, drag it into the 21st century with a complete redesign.

website redesign

3.      Be Mobile

According to Google, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time in 2015. This means that a large portion of your audience is using these devices. However, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you will risk losing consumers due to accessibility and design failures.

Not to mention, Google has also started giving priority to sites that are mobile-friendly. Therefore, if you’re considering a website redesign, make it responsive. That way, it’ll adapt to the medium it’s viewed on and everyone can access it, regardless of their device.

website redesign

4.      Optimize Correctly

Believe it or not, your website can also serve as a pretty valuable marketing tool if used correctly. Ideally, your website should be designed with proper search engine optimization tactics in mind. It’s one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking and get found by your target audience.

If your website was created without using SEO, then you absolutely need a redesign. Aside from the addition of keywords, your site must to be able to quickly grab users’ attention and engage them. Otherwise, it is not reaching its full marketing potential.

A website redesign is one of the first steps to revamping your digital marketing strategy to attract new customers.

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