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How a QR Code can Transform a Mobile Marketing Campaign

From tacos to taxi tops, QR codes are popping up in more places than ever before. For the most part, their sudden popularity can be attributed to the sharp rise of mobile marketing. Now that people are using their mobile devices all over the place, these codes give brands a way to connect with their […]

How Emotional Marketing Reaches People using Human Feelings

Emotional marketing is a type of promotional campaign that focuses on using human feelings to encourage consumers to attract, interact or even make a purchase. It is a strategy that is used to make a brand appear more human to its target audience.

Are Corporate Sponsorship Deals Really Worth the Effort?

Recently, sponsorships have become an important way for businesses to promote their brand. For instance, NBA teams now have advertisements on their jerseys.  Although they primarily benefit the sports, music and non-profit industry, many other companies have succeeded with corporate sponsorships. If you’re thinking about acquiring a deal for your brand, consider these advantages.