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A Brand Experience Builds Customer Connections that Last

When building a brand, an eye-catching logo and a snappy tagline are often not enough to stand out from the rest. To improve sales, businesses now must consider how brand experience influences customer loyalty.

4 Email Marketing Statistics that Every Marketer Should Know

Email marketing goes a lot further than just sending out a few blasts every once in a while. In fact, there’s a great deal of analysis and tinkering that goes into any successful email. However, you won’t get anywhere without first examining the appropriate facts and figures behind your campaigns. So, here are some of […]

Marketing to Gen Z: A Fresh Approach to Attracting a Young Audience

Did you know that experts estimate that Generation Z will soon represent nearly 40 percent of all customers? These young people, who were born after 1995, are already reshaping how products are bought, sold and promoted. To stay current, businesses everywhere are using these new tactics for marketing to Gen Z.