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Creative Easter Marketing Campaigns that We’ll Never Forget

With just over a week left until the big day, many brands are starting to ramp up their Easter marketing campaigns. That’s because, more than eggs, candy and pastels, Easter is also characterized by fun, festive commercials and advertisements. Therefore, check out a few of our favorites from throughout the years.

How SEM Strategy is used to Maximize your Ad Spend

Although a lot of attention is paid to social media, SEM strategy is often the backbone of a digital marketing campaign. It places ads directly before motivated consumers who are considering making a purchase. With a solid strategy, SEM is a cost-effective way to reach more potential customers.

What is Instagram TV, and Why are Brands Starting to Use It?

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered about the TV icon in the upper-right hand corner, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, that icon represents Instagram TV, otherwise known as IGTV, the social media giant’s new mobile video platform. Learn more about what this new feature entails, as well as why brands […]