Solid Call-to-Action Phrases to Boost Clicks and Convert Users

As important as it is to be consistent with posting content on your site, it’s also important to have your audience engaging with your posts. You want your audience to be interacting and taking action on your content in order to drive new leads. A call-to-action is a great way to give your audience directions for what to do next. 

What is a Call-To-Action?

A call-to-action is any word or phrase on a clickable button that is giving your audience clear instructions for what to do after seeing your posts. Whether you want them to download an eBook, click and read another post, or request a demo, your call-to-action will show that. The whole point of it is to inform your audience on what their next steps should be and drive more leads to your business.


How a Call-To-Action Boosts Clicks

A call-to-action is beneficial for a company because it catches the eye of the audience. When they are created correctly it establishes a definitive and authoritative action. It takes away the guessing of what comes next.

5 Best Call-To-Action Examples

1.      Read More

This allows the audience to continue reading your posts and learn more. First, you add a quick snippet of your post and then add a “read more” so the audience can continue reading.

2.      Money Off

People always love a good deal, so enticing your audience with money off gives them the incentive they need to take action.

3.      Get Started Today

This call-to-action creates a sense of urgency to sign up right now. This is a compelling way to get the audience to take the next step.

4.      Retweet

Another great way to encourage action is to ask your audience to share and retweet your posts. It’s a simple way to get your posts reaching new audiences who you might not have originally been able to.

5.      Subscribe

By having your audience subscribe to your content and newsletters, they will receive all of the emails you send and become a part of your email list. They will continue to be updated on the latest in your company.


A call-to-action is a simple way to continue driving new leads for your company. It’s a good idea to continue testing out the different calls-to-actions that would be the most beneficial for your company. With successful call-to-actions, you can improve metrics and grow your business.

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