Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages Do These 3 Things Better Than Anybody

We take pride in building and designing web pages (and landing pages) that are easy to navigate, reliable and meets the criteria that our clients give us when we first met with them. You can take our word for it. But, with the investment you made (or are thinking about making) you might need a little bit more than that. Especially when it comes to the Mecca of your sites conversion rates and a major generator of your company’s online profits (also known as your landing page) there are a few ways to increase your conversion rate and make sure the page is performing up to your expectations. We have included a few tips, which are listed below, that will help you properly experiment with various design concepts, assets and tricks to boost your conversion rate thereby making for a more effective landing page.

Images Speak Louder Than Words

We know that’s the wrong idiom but it’s not very often that an opening sentence grips people the way a picture or a video might. Reading can be a tiresome experience for some people, especially when they are looking for information during their busy workdays. Your potential customers are going to want to see information presented in a way that is quick and easy to digest. With more people getting better information about what you do and what you are selling you will likely see a boost in conversions. We can employ both of these strategies depending on our clients’ needs and we can say they definitely make for a more effective landing page.

Everybody’s Doing It!

Have you ever noticed that when a majority of people perform a certain action the rest just seem to follow suit? The same concept applies to your landing page. The more people it seems like you are converting the more likely more people are to convert as well. You can use embedded social media posts, reviews and testimonials to show potential customers that they will not be the first people to test your product or service and makes you seem like a more reliable brand. When you meet with us we can discuss how we can use some sort of social proof on your landing page.

What’s On Your Buttons?

The color and copy on your landing pages buttons make all the difference when it comes to conversions. Pick the wrong color or the wrong words and you may watch your rate drop significantly. We will work through color schemes and copy in order to find a combination that works best for your landing page and we will continually test them to see how they are performing (if we need to make any further changes).

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