Long Island Video Production Teams: A Marketing Essential

If you own or work for a small business, it’s important that you market your brand and products as a way to attract leads and boost sales. Typically, small businesses have been using social media [...]

Steal these Small Business Video Marketing Ideas

Video marketing is no longer just for the big boys. Small businesses everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, because they have found they can leverage video to increase visits, leads and [...]

The Best Free Photo and Video Editing Apps for Mobile

Many marketers are not exactly experts in the arts of photography and videography, yet they are still under pressure to produce exceptional visual content to keep their digital brands thriving. [...]

How Branding on YouTube Can Boost Your Businesses

Typically, when you think of a company’s online presence, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook often come to mind. However, video has become one of the most effective forms of content [...]

A Portable Guide to Mobile Advertising

Regardless of its budget size, a mobile advertising campaign is dependent on the persuasive power of its ads. They must be eye-catching, relevant and credible all in the same breath. To fill this [...]

Facebook Live Ideas for Businesses to Mix Up Their Content

A few months ago, Facebook Live was introduced. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a livestreaming feature, made by Facebook. Being the social media connoisseurs we are, we wrote a blog on how to [...]

The Latest and Greatest in Video Marketing

As content marketing increasingly becomes the industry standard, there is a push towards visual marketing specifically. That includes pictures, videos and GIFs. By the year 2019, it’s estimated [...]

Mirror your Marketing Strategy after Super Bowl 50 Teams

In just a few days, the Carolina Panthers will be taking on the Denver Broncos in one of the world’s biggest sports games: the Super Bowl. Are the Panthers, led by the young, energetic Cam Newton [...]

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