How to Rebrand your Marketing Materials

After establishing a fresh new logo, tagline and possibly even name for your business, your work is not yet finished. You still have marketing materials, both digital and physical, to revamp. [...]

A Brand Guide Shapes and Strengthens Business Marketing

Ineffective or inconsistent marketing plagues the business world today. You may be one of those organizations who is stuck on fixing minor tweaks rather than addressing root causes. If so, maybe [...]

What is Brand Equity, and what is it Worth to my Business?

From digital advertising to email marketing, companies today try everything imaginable to get customers to remember their name. While they may catch your eye for a moment, they rarely build brand [...]

How Evergreen Content can Result in Everlasting Benefits

For digital marketers, one of the main goals of producing content is that it is compelling and relevant to your target audience. Some content can even be recycled and repurposed past its initial [...]

5 Tips for How to Create Timeless Business Logo Design

The word’s most recognizable logos are designed to create an impression that lingers in the mind’s eye of a potential customer long after that image has disappeared from view. To achieve this [...]

What is your Brand Personality?

Struggling business owners sometimes wonder why their brand is less memorable than their competitors. More often than not, their company lacks a defined brand personality, which can improve sales [...]

How to Craft a Flawless Brand Development Plan

Has your company lost sight of who it is, and where it is going? Could it be experiencing a brand identity crisis? If this is the case, a brand development plan could be just what the doctor ordered.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Brand Strategy

Business owners, who devote hour after hour to perfecting every detail of their company’s products or services, sometimes shortchange an increasingly important element of success: brand strategy. [...]

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