Why LinkedIn Publishing is Worth your Company’s Time

After you’ve conquered Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s time for you to take on the final frontier of social media marketing, LinkedIn. By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this [...]

Fat Guy Uncovers the Best Times to Post on Social Media

One of the most challenging elements of managing a social media account is determining the best times to post. If you post during off-hours, you run the risk of low engagement. As a result, your [...]

How to Use Hashtags the Right Way

Almost everyone knows what hashtags are by. Those little # signs you see all over social media are used to index content so users can find it more easily (we’re suckers for the #foodbeast tag). [...]

5 Clever Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Business

Branded as the go-to social media channel for professionals, LinkedIn has a ton of marketing potential for businesses, especially those in B2B industries. You may be familiar with its platform [...]

LinkedIn Profile Tips: 6 Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

Publishing long-form posts through LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your business to a professional audience. But great marketing is usually preceded by several mistakes. With these [...]

How to use LinkedIn Ads to Build B2B Relationships

With all the buzz surrounding LinkedIn lately, now is the right time for business-to-business companies to invest resources in this social network. LinkedIn ads are an excellent, cost-effective [...]

Microsoft Expanding through LinkedIn Advertising

The big tech news of the day concerns Microsoft’s historic $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn. In recent years, Microsoft has begun to shift their focus towards becoming the premier [...]

Social Media Mistakes Your Business Can Avoid

Social media is a tough marketing tool to master. You can do a million things right, but one mistake can sadly tarnish the shining reputation you’ve built for your brand. Okay, maybe not every [...]

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