A Comprehensive Guide to Local Search Marketing for Business

Since tons of consumers are using search engines to find businesses in their area, it’s more vital than ever to implement local search marketing strategies like SEO in order to stand out and be [...]

3 Can’t-Miss Online Advertising Strategies for Beginners

Online advertising is primarily used by brands looking to increase the amount of visitor traffic to their company website. The idea is that, by having more users exposed to your brand, visitors [...]

Encouraging Google Reviews to Climb Local Search Rankings

Google is an incredibly useful resource for companies looking to make a name for themselves with standard digital marketing practices. However, basic search engine result pages aren’t the only [...]

Why your Company needs a Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business (GMB) listing is unquestionably essential for any company that wants to gain ground in local SEO rankings and build its digital presence. However, it has quite a few bells [...]

The Yext Business Directory Updates Web Profiles in a Snap

If your company is listed on multiple websites, updating its online profile can become a chore. The Yext business directory is a popular solution, because it allows you to easily make your online [...]

Geofencing, a Hi-Tech Way to Attract Nearby Shoppers

As a business owner, you are always looking for newer and more successful ways to reach potential customers. You may have already tried options like updated signage or flash sales, but these [...]

What is Foursquare? And, Why Do We Need It?

Saavy digital consumers juggle multiple social media networks, each for a different reason. We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but digital insiders speak to the power of a [...]

Foursquare Marks the Spot: Hip App Expands Business Traffic

Foursquare, the social app with a never-ending library of local businesses, landmarks and the like, just might be the next hot business traffic engine.

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